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Welcome to Kudron Group

Where Opportunities Converge

Navigating a maze of industries? Looking for a strategic edge in a crowded marketplace? Say hello to Kudron Commodities Group—a multi-faceted powerhouse that cuts through the noise to bring you the opportunities you've been seeking. We're not just in food commodities or only building large PV projects; we're in the business of creating empires.

What We Offer

From green energy solutions to international commerce, our portfolio is a smorgasbord of opportunities. We're not just builders; we're connectors. We bring together the brightest minds, the boldest strategies, and the most untapped resources.

Our Team, Your Advantage

Handpicked for their global perspectives and niche expertise, our team speaks the language of opportunity. We're not just agents of business; we're agents of change, of possibility, and—above all—means.

The Invitation

We're about more than just transactions; we're about lasting legacies. If you're ready to expand your horizons, you're in the right place. Reach out, and let's redefine what's possible together.

Renewable Energy Consortium, PV Solar, Real-Estate, IT Software Development, Food Commodities, & more

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PV Photovoltaic Panels & Systems

Send us a competitors offer, and we will beat it!


We represent factories direct to consumer, cutting out the middle-man distributor, allowing us to give accurate made to order PV systems for large B2B OEM projects 1 MW or more, as well as smaller B2C comprehensive projects, handling all documentation, installation, and customer service needs.

Mono or Poly, Single or Double glass Bifacial.

Contact us for a quotation for your specific PV project.


Investment Properties in Dubai & Bali

Property info

Introducing the newest addition to the Dubai skyline - we welcome Canal Heights, starting at €300,000, this luxury tower is guaranteed to be another sellout! 


More Details

Number of Units



From 68 m2 + 

Total Floors/Stories

Too many

Parking Spaces

1 each

Year Built


Contact us for a full list of projects in Bali, Dubai, or Spain.

We make business happen


CALL or WRITE us. 

Contact Kudron to schedule a call or a meeting and share your idea's with us. If there is a will, there is a way! And we will respect your privacy. All information will remain confidential. NCNDA can be signed!

Finding Synergies

During the meeting, if you have a great idea or if we find a way to share our ideas, or simply need help finding someone in our network, we can make an introduction. Or we will help you make a plan & execute on the new business case.

Base in Warsaw, Poland

The meeting can take place in our offices at the Atrium Tower, on Aleja Jana Pawla II 25, 00-854, Warsaw. Otherwise, we can also schedule a Zoom/Meets/or other online call.

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